Dani Robbins is a U.S. based dance, theater, and video artist who graduated from Bennington College in Vermont. While at Bennington she had the opportunity to study with Dana Reitz, Elena Demyanenko, Susan Sgorbati, and Terry Creach, and has danced in the work of Rebecca Brooks, Stuart Shugg, Samuel Wentz, and Yanan Yu. She studied Alexander Technique at the Balance Arts Center (NYC) during the winter 2016 and was a dance-tech Artist in Residence at Lake Studios Berlin during the winter of 2017 and the winter of 2018. Her most recent solo project Self-Help was shown in New York in Movement Research’s Open Performance Series in the spring of 2017. Her most recent full-length works, “PUSH” and “Everybody Sings in Unison” were shown in April of 2018 in Bennington, VT.